Private lessons for adults in Berlin


Learn to ride a bike in private lessons!

In our private lessons, we offer you to practice the know-how you gained in the safe environment of the school in real-life situations. Together with a cycling teacher you learn how to overcome your fears of riding a bike in the city traffic. After you will have taken the private lessons, it won’t be a problem for you to turn left safely, to secure yourself when it comes to the “blind spot” or to learn to deal with cars, other cyclists and walking people.

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Biking school in Berlin Steglitz

Our biking school is located in Berlin Steglitz. We teach all people living in and near Berlin how to ride a bike. With us, you learn in a secure surrounding of a special area that imitates situations of the real-life traffic – with warning signs and traffic lights.

Taking private lessons is the most effective way to learn riding a bike because of the 1-to-1 support. Additionally, you are able to take these lessons in English.